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A new Trend from September?

Trend is our Friend. That’s a favorite line among traders and analysts in Stock Market. Similarly, in Management Astrology, we track the trend of planetary movements. September may mark the beginning of a mini trend for the macro factors which may last for a year or so. The planet Mercury which rules the macros at the moment is dependent upon its supporting planets for creating a trend. A new combination of Mercury (66%), Rahu (25%) and Saturn (9%) is emerging from September 2018 which may last till September 2019. How does the Stock market decode this trend? The major planetary trend (which will be prevalent till 2023) started in late 2016, and markets took a positive direction. What direction this trend will take in September 2018 will be clear in a month’s time. Direction can be positive or negative, but the probability is loaded towards negative direction. In Indian context, there will definitely be a fight between macros and micros. However, we shouldn’t forget that along with the decent Indian specific internals, macro conditions worldwide have been positive. If the macros change their trend decisively, Indian markets will also react. In all probability, positive or negative, we’ll get the answers in a month’s time. A little doubt is only because of the nature of planet Mercury which has 66% weightage and is dual and deceptive in nature.

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