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A new Trend from September?

Trend is our Friend. That’s a favorite line among traders and analysts in Stock Market. Similarly, in Management Astrology, we track the trend of planetary movements. September may mark the beginning of a mini trend for the macro factors which may last for a year or so. The planet Mercury which rule…

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Do not trade but Invest in Bank Nifty Options

Can Management Astrology be proved with figures? The answer is yes and I will present the proof on Sunday, 28th January (on my blog ). Management Astrology Chart of Bank Nifty belongs to Sagittarius Ascendant. Management Astrology Chart of Investment also belongs to Sagit…

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Thali Ka Baingan Strategies in Stock Market

In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about Gemini as the ascendant of Management Astrology Chart of Trading in Stock Market. In this post, we will discuss how lessons learnt from this chart can help a trader generate huge profits from his trades. Ascendant is ruled by Gemini which symbolis…

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Investment in Stock Market is Sagittarius

In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about the Management Astrology Chart of Trading in Stock Market. Similarly, Investment activity in Stock Market also has its own Management Astrology Chart. In this post, we are disclosing that the ascendant of the Chart belongs to Sagittarius. We will …

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Trading in Stock Market is Gemini

Trading activity in Stock Market has its own Management Astrology Chart. The ascendant in this Chart is ruled by Gemini. The biggest dilemma of a retail player in Stock Market is that he is always split between the roles of a Trader and Investor. Sometimes, he starts as a trader and because of the b…

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Extra Financial Cushion for Saturn

Three years back, an Industrialist approached me from Ludhiana in Punjab (India).  He was planning a necessary expansion and wanted me to analyze his planning process on the basis of Management Astrology. Any Industrial expansion requires a minimum planning of 5 years, and role of Planet Saturn shou…

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Role of Environment in Horoscope

Business House Ruled by Saturn

Business Vs Individual Horoscope

Magical Tip

Starting New Business

Which Business to Start?

This is one of the most frequent questions people ask their Astrologers. And what the Astrologers do? They analyze the Kundli of the individual and recommend a Business without having any knowledge about the recommended Business, its recent trends, and the Business environm…

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Bull in Stock Market

Saturn’s Position is the most crucial when we analyze the Management Astrology chart of a Bull in Stock Market. A Bull by definition is a natural optimist who knows only one direction, i.e. upward direction in Stock Market. Bulls in Stock Market usually have Saturn as a benific planet in their chart…

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Eating place and Management Astrology

If you are running an eatery which involves cooking and selling food, role of Mars, Mercury and Venus is extremely important. Extent of role of these planets depends upon the scale of Business. For a small Dhaba, Mars is the most important planet. Its role is almost 60% followed by 30% for Venus and…

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Mars + Jupiter = Bear in Stock Market

A strong position of Mars is extremely important if you want to be a Bear in Stock Market. Friendly position of Jupiter creates a winning combination. Jupiter helps the person to Short in the Market with planning and tactics, whereas if left only to Mars, a person always has bearish tendencies. Such…

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Sun and Saturn in 10th House

If you have Sun and Saturn in 10th house in Virgo or Sagittarius Ascendant, you are best suited for Industrial Relations field. You can be a darling of your subordinates as well as your Boss. You are best suited to create a perfect coordination between Labour and Management by hook or by crook. You …

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Stock Market and Rahu+Sun in 1st House

If you have Sun and Rahu in first house of your horoscope, and are in to trading in Stock Market, here are a few tips for you:

1)  You are more suited to be a Bear rather than a Bull. Thus, always look for opportunities to short the market

2) Start shorting by investing small (Keep a buffer, star…

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Kaal Sarp Yog

Many Astrologers create fear psychosis with the phrase Kaal Sarp Dosh. Management Astrology considers it as Kaal Sarp Yog. It’s true. People with this combination are blessed ones.  When all the seven planets are engulfed by two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. This yog gives i…

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Laughter Therapy

Management Astrology Remedy

Venus-The Branding Lord

Branding is extremely important in any Business. In Management Astrology, the ruling planet for Branding is Venus. Role of Venus in Branding may vary from Business to Business. There may be some businesses where Venus from Branding point of view is strengthened by friendly planets like Saturn and Me…

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