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High Profitability with Safety Code Cracked

We are pleased to announce that we have cracked the High Profitability with safety code. In the year 2012, a leading Romanian Journal O Economica published our Research "Ratio Spread with Calls, Creating a Zero Downside Risk in Stock Market. You can download this research by clicking on the link bel…

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Watch Dollar Index for Further Cues

After the Election of Donald Trump, Dollar Index has been rising. Yesterday's Fed Commentary has given further legs to Dollar Index (Above 102 now). Any further rise in Dollar Index will mean more pain for Indian Stock Market. Unless Nifty crosses 8300, Sell on every rally is the trade. 

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Avoid Short Strangles and Straddles

Volatility Index (India VIX) is around 13, extremely low. Short Strangles/ Straddles may have been working in the recent past, but risk reward ratio is against taking such strategies. These Options Shorting Strategies may work for a little more time, but risk is enormous. Any risk aversion globally …

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Global Liquidity

Markets Worldwide are up, up and up because of Global Liquidity, although this liquidity is more of anticipating nature. History shows that liquidity can fire up the markets for extended periods. While we still stick to our previous post regarding Global Uncertainty, this liquidity run may continue …

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Chanakya's Can't Go Wrong Strategy

Pleased to Introduce Can't Go Wrong Strategy, our next in Chanakyaneeti series (Options). As the name suggests, this strategy is designed to take care of both Bullish/ Bearish Markets, and both Low Volatility and high Volatility situations. Money can be made in downward direction, upward direction …

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BREXIT? No Problem

Whole world is afraid of BREXIT (Scheduled for Tomorrow). Its a Binary event which can make or break an options trader. You go long in options and  fall in VIX post event can clean you up. You go short in options and any big move can break a trader's spine. Answer lies in Chanakya's Can't Go Wrong S…

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161.2% on Friday the 13th

Pleased to announce Chanakya’s Give or Take Strategy for Wealth and Prosperity (Options Segment) on Friday the 13th (Considered Unlucky Worldwide). Net Annualized Returns 161.2%. Yes you Read it Right. Net Annualized returns of 161.2%, more than 3 times our previous strategy.  Like our other strat…

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Exit at Par

We are advising our followers/ students to Exit Reverse Gear Strategy with May Twist today at Par. Risk is that if the market doesn't give a big move in either direction immediately, this strategy will start giving losses from today onward. However, if you have taken traditional Reverse Gear Strateg…

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Big Strategy Tomorrow

We will be announcing a Big Options Strategy in Chanakyaneeti Series by Tomorrow Evening. 

Chanakya's Knowledge Sutra

An Important note for our Followers. Many questioned us today on Why not traditional Chanakya's Reverse Gear? Why May Twist? Chanakya had different solutions for different situations. Stock Market is extremely Dynamic where Situation can change even in 10 Minutes? So how to Standardize trades in Dyn…

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Update for taking Positions in Chanakya's Reverse Gear Strategy

Take Positions in Chanakya's Reverse Gear Strategy, but with Chanakyas's May Twist. Buy May Options and Sell June Options. Strike Price is 7700.

April Performance of Chanakya's Reverse Gear Strategy

There was a nominal loss of around Rs 2000/lot (after presumptive Brokerage and Taxes) in April Series. If you are a passive trader, no need to worry. As would be clear from the Calculation sheet we sent to you for previous 3 years, this strategy makes nominal losses whenever expiry takes place arou…

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Almost 8000 as we predicted

As we posted on April 12th, Nifty almost touched 8000 today. What next? History says that whenever market goes in to results season with more than 5% rally,there is high probability that even good results don't spike up the market. There is ample good news this time both on Home and International fr…

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Normal Monsoon Predicted

Normal Monsoon Predicted by both SkyMet and Indian Met Department. If there are no ugly surprises in April/ May result season, and no bad news on International front, Nifty should cross 8000 in next two months.

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Fresh Jitters?

Excellent Short Covering rally today. EU imposes anti-dumping duty on Chinese/Russian Steel. Will this not further weaken China, and hence cause fresh Jitters in the World Markets? Does that mean that Steel/ Banks rally today is likely to fizzle out in the next few days?

Reversal as Predicted

As we predicted on Friday, ICICI Bank showed reversal today. Tata Steel and Axis Bank should follow soon.

Stay Away for a few Days

Bears Book Profit, Bulls Create a Spread

We suggested caution on October 12th, just at the start of Results season. Market is down to 8000. Bears should book profits now. Bihar exit polls will be out today evening. Markets it seems is discounting NDA defeat. What if NDA is defeated? There will be a swift downward reaction, but 7800 on Nift…

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Caution Suggested

Result season has just begin, and we are on the higher end of Trading range. We suggest caution for the next two weeks. Exceptional results may take the market higher, but probability is against it. 

Exit Longs

Get out of all your Long Positions. Greece Cancer is likely to spread to other Countries like Spain and Italy

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