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ICICI Bank offers a True Batting Wicket for Options Traders

A True batting wicket in Cricket is the one which offers true and even bounce for the batsmen. Doesn’t matter if the bounce is more or less, but it should be consistent. Trouble starts when the wicket offers dual bounce, which leads to indecisive shots by the batsmen. Similarly, in Options, there are many Stocks which offer a True wicket, i.e. which enable an Options Trader to be decisive while Trading. ICICI Bank is one such Stock. This doesn’t mean that the Stock doesn’t show up and down movements. Last three years have been most volatile for this Stock. Still, it has offered decisive trading opportunities for Options Traders. We are pleased to announce a True batting strategy for ICICI Bank Options, which has given more than 100% returns in the last three years with passive trading style. Active Trading style can produce even more returns. This Strategy is now included in our online training Programs and Traders can learn to implement this strategy through our Practical Training modules. Kindly contact the undersigned for details

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