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Bank Nifty has Sagittarius Ascendant, Cancer Moon Sign

Management Astrology assigns Sagittarius ascendant and Cancer Moon sign to Management Astrology chart of Bank Nifty. I had announced in my previous post that Management Astrology chart of Trading in Stock market has Gemini as its ascendant. Mercury is the owner of Gemini Ascendant. Mercury is the functional malefic in the Management Astrology chart of Bank Nifty which means that no matter how tactful a trader is, it is difficult to trade Bank Nifty. A striking feature in the charts of Bank Nifty and Trading is the same moon sign i.e. Cancer. However, the placement of Moon in both charts is different.  Moon is placed in second house in Trading’s Management Astrology Chart. Second house is the house of wealth, and placement of Moon in this house indicates tendency to make quick money. However the same moon is placed in eighth house in Bank Nifty’s chart. Eighth house in astrology is the house of death. This placement of moon makes the chart of Bank Nifty volatile and highly unpredictable which often proves to be a death knell for many traders. Then how does a trader trade Bank Nifty? The answer comes from ascendant lord of Bank Nifty, i.e. Jupiter, the planet which rules planning. I have seen many traders taking positions in weekly options of Bank Nifty without any concrete plan. They feel utmost comfort in selling Weekly Calls and Puts with major positions tilted towards selling Calls. The reason for attraction is lucrative premiums in such options. Before taking such positions, traders should remember the last series of May 2017. There was a 700 point upsurge in Bank Nifty in the last one and a half hours, which brought many traders to the verge of suicide. Coming back to ascendant lord Jupiter, the planet which rules planning, one can’t trade Bank Nifty on long term basis without a definitive plan and also without providing a real and viable hedging to the risk. After having devoted years towards research and after having trained many in Stock Market, I now provide training to traders with safe and profitable plans for trading in Bank Nifty. A caution here is that such plans vary from person to person depending upon their personal horoscopes as most individuals have their own style and personality when it comes to trading in Stock Market. I try to match these plans with their personality types so that they can safely and profitably apply such plans.

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