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ICICI Bank offers a True Batting Wicket for Options Traders

A True batting wicket in Cricket is the one which offers true and even bounce for the batsmen. Doesn’t matter if the bounce is more or less, but it should be consistent. Trouble starts when the wicket offers dual bounce, which leads to indecisive shots by the batsmen. Similarly, in Options, there ar…

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ICICI Bank Options

We are pleased to introduce ICICI Bank Options in our training programs. We will soon announce many interesting and profitable strategies. Keep visiting 

Kujnish Vashisht,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347

Avoid Reliance Short Straddles and Strangles

Reliance Hedging Technique

Human Psychology in Options Trading

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Strategy for Bulls

Market around all time high. Still want to go Long? Choose from any of our Zero Downside strategies depending on your margin availability. Upside can make you decent gains and downside risk will be ZERO. 

Strategy for Bears

Market near all time high and IPO's lined up. Bears may be itching to go short. If you have to go short, buy October 10000 puts , and build on them (shift to 10100/10200 if market keeps on spiralling). At low vix, risk reward may not favour shorting calls. Don't short futures in a liquidity driven m…

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A note for Calendar Spreads Sept/October

Those taking Calendar spreads for Sept/ October should keep in mind that October series is of only 28 calendar days, one of the shortest possible series. Thus, this should be accounted for while calculating the net valuations. 

No Short Strangles

Its a directionless. Low Volatility, range bound market for the last few weeks. Traders are often enticed in to trading with Short Strangles in such a market. However, its a wrong strategy since market may break up or down from this range soon, there are looming Geo Political Risks thus you can't sh…

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Trump Bump Ahead?

President Trump is in the middle of a few serious controversies in US. Does this mean some diversionary tactics to change focus? And would these diversionary tactics be in the form of some International Conflict? The probability is high. Does this mean end of Calm in World Markets?

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High Profitability with Safety Code Cracked

We are pleased to announce that we have cracked the High Profitability with safety code. In the year 2012, a leading Romanian Journal O Economica published our Research "Ratio Spread with Calls, Creating a Zero Downside Risk in Stock Market. You can download this research by clicking on the link bel…

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Watch Dollar Index for Further Cues

After the Election of Donald Trump, Dollar Index has been rising. Yesterday's Fed Commentary has given further legs to Dollar Index (Above 102 now). Any further rise in Dollar Index will mean more pain for Indian Stock Market. Unless Nifty crosses 8300, Sell on every rally is the trade. 

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