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Venus-The Branding Lord

Branding is extremely important in any Business. In Management Astrology, the ruling planet for Branding is Venus. Role of Venus in Branding may vary from Business to Business. There may be some businesses where Venus from Branding point of view is strengthened by friendly planets like Saturn and Mercury. All the Luxury Brands must satisfy the conditions of Venus to create a decent equity for them. Lord of Venus is goddess Luxmi. In Management Astrology, goddess Luxmi is worshiped by good packaging of your product, value additions, product differentiation, appropriate budget for promotion mix, designing an effective promotion mix, using appropriate channels of promotion, thus creating a unique position for your product/ service. More consumers oriented the product/ service is, more important is the role of Venus. So, next time your astrologer asks you to donate coconut or milk for 43 days to improve your standing in Business, just tell him to get some lessons in Business. These archaic remedies written in astrology books hundreds of years back are not going to help. 

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