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Thirsty Bro

Once there was a thirsty Bro by the name of Pakistan. It was a Bankrupt state and flew all over the world with a begging bowl. He tried hard with a few foreign charities, but couldn’t save himself from Bankruptcy. Suddenly he saw his elder brother India United and Prospering. Being Jealous by nature, he tried to derail his elder brother’s prosperity by military misadventures in 1965 and 1971, but was humiliated.

Then he saw some cracks within his elder brother India’s home. He hit upon an Idea. He started the Business of Terrorism, and soon became Numero Uno in this field. He started manufacturing Non State Actors to spread Terrorism in India.  This earned him huge donations from the friendly nations as well as enemies of his elder brother. In response to every effort of reconciliation by the elder brother, Pakistan responded with more Terror attacks on India.

Moral: Dr. Manmohan Singh, please change your diplomatic policy from being meek to being aggressive. Pakistan’s thirst to damage India will be only quenched when it is taught a strong lesson.

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