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Sun and Saturn in 10th House

If you have Sun and Saturn in 10th house in Virgo or Sagittarius Ascendant, you are best suited for Industrial Relations field. You can be a darling of your subordinates as well as your Boss. You are best suited to create a perfect coordination between Labour and Management by hook or by crook. You must get trained in the usual tactics of trade, and then customize these tactics as per the situation. You are capable of reaching the top position in your organisation. However, following are a few suggestions:

1) Always join an organisation which gives you space to take your own independent decisions. This single factor can make or break your career.

2) Show genuine concern towards Labour’s issues, but be faithful to your boss.

3) Never take decisions in haste. Always try to spend some time in any medium to high involvement decision

4) In times of dispute between Management and Labour, side with the labour, but have a secret pact with Management.

5) You are perfectly suited for following the divide and rule policy

6) Never get involved in a love affair at work. Your work should be your first love

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