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Stock Market and Rahu+Sun in 1st House

If you have Sun and Rahu in first house of your horoscope, and are in to trading in Stock Market, here are a few tips for you:

1)  You are more suited to be a Bear rather than a Bull. Thus, always look for opportunities to short the market

2) Start shorting by investing small (Keep a buffer, start with 10% of your buffer) so that you can handle the trade even if it goes wrong. This is more so since putting a Stop Loss won’t suit you.

3) Trade in futures rather than Options, and with an understanding that there is an equal chance of the trade going wrong. When you start small, any wrong trade will look like an opportunity to short more at a better level. This will satisfy your ego.

4) Take small profits. Set a modest target, and never trade without a target.

5) You can trade in high beta stocks.  You will find thrill in trading them since they can give you profits with speed. 

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