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Starting New Business

Which Business to Start?

This is one of the most frequent questions people ask their Astrologers. And what the Astrologers do? They analyze the Kundli of the individual and recommend a Business without having any knowledge about the recommended Business, its recent trends, and the Business environment with respect to that Business.

Management Astrology uses scientific methodology while recommending Business to the individual. The role of Management Astrology doesn’t stop at simply recommending the Business. Management Astrology also recommends the detailed procedure (STEP BY STEP) as to how to start that particular Business (in detail), as well as the steps to be taken to optimize the individual’s horoscope with respect to that Business.

Management Astrology also prescribes how to conduct each and every Business function. Following is the brief list:

1) Optimizing the Product mix with respect to an individual’s horoscope.

2) Which products to produce in-house, and which products to outsource (if Manufacturing Business is recommended).

3) Deciding the correct pricing strategy

4) Packaging decisions

5) Designing the optimum distribution channel (with respect to the horoscope)

6) Optimizing the Marketing mix

7) Financial planning

8) Deciding the Market Segment

9) Deciding the correct Positioning strategy

A normal Astrologer is unable to answer most of these questions. It’s the duty of the Management Astrologer to help his client in each and every aspect of Business. As the Business Environment is dynamic, Management Astrology aims to realign the arrangement of planets in an individual’s Horoscope to create a winning Business Proposal. A Number of remedies are available in Management Astrology to achieve the desirable results.

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