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Mars + Jupiter = Bear in Stock Market

A strong position of Mars is extremely important if you want to be a Bear in Stock Market. Friendly position of Jupiter creates a winning combination. Jupiter helps the person to Short in the Market with planning and tactics, whereas if left only to Mars, a person always has bearish tendencies. Such people often get caught in fierce Bull runs. Jupiter teaches a Bear when to show valour, and when to Step aside. In Stock Market, it is extremely difficult to judge the right time to Short. Tips to further strengthen this combination in your chart:

1) Short with futures when Risk reward ratio is favourable. Keep enough ammunition with you, i.e. invest the funds in steps. With Futures, a small downward rally can get you desired profits with lesser positions.

2) Switch from futures to Buying Puts when you feel that market is in the middle of correction

3) Switch from Puts to Bear Put Spread towards the last stage of correction

Step 1 will satisfy Mars, and Steps 2 and 3 will magnify its relative strength with the help of Jupiter

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