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Extra Financial Cushion for Saturn

Three years back, an Industrialist approached me from Ludhiana in Punjab (India).  He was planning a necessary expansion and wanted me to analyze his planning process on the basis of Management Astrology. Any Industrial expansion requires a minimum planning of 5 years, and role of Planet Saturn should be closely examined during these 5 years. Saturn indicated troubles for him and I suggested a major change in his planning process. The extent of expansion could not be reduced, and the expansion process was unavoidable. His Chartered Accountant had allocated Rs 3 Crore (to be spent over the next 4 years) for the expansion process, and after doing my own calculations of the basis of Management Astrology, I suggested a budget of Rs 4.5 Crore. Next time, he brought his CA to my office. We had detailed discussions on the subject. Both I and his CA were adamant on each other’s suggested amount. In the end, it was decided that the original budget will be Rs 3 crore, but the Industrialist will sell his property worth around Rs 3 crore if the additional Rs 1.5 crore were required.

The Industrialist revisited my office last month. He had faced numerous difficulties in his expansion process, and sought my advice to come out of the crisis. I explained him that position of Saturn in his horoscope indicated difficulties. If we talk in general terms, Saturn puts a person in difficulties, and checks the person’s response during these difficulties. The metal dear to Saturn is Iron, and if we define this property of Saturn in terms of a Man’s temperament, Saturn likes Men with nerves of Steel (a derivative of Iron, but in a refined form after undergoing certain definitive processes). Can a Man with deficiency in finances show nerves of Steel? The answer is no. Thus, one of the ways to tackles problems arising out of Saturn is to allocate extra finances for tougher times. Coming back to the Industrialist from Ludhiana, I suggested a few Management Astrology remedies to him, and also reminded him of the extra budget I had planned for him. He has now put his property for Sale, and hopefully this extra budget will take him to the Journey of success.  

A valid question here is, doesn’t Saturn affect large Industrialists. The answer is yes. However, their extra money cushion helps them to come out of crisis caused by Saturn, whereas small enterprises fail because of paucity of funds. Saturn gives results in phases. If one is able to manage crisis caused by Saturn, next positive phase of Saturn will be so Strong that it will more than compensate the losses (if any) during crisis. However, if the crisis is not handled properly, the losses are permanent and cause long term miseries to the person.

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