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Eating place and Management Astrology

If you are running an eatery which involves cooking and selling food, role of Mars, Mercury and Venus is extremely important. Extent of role of these planets depends upon the scale of Business. For a small Dhaba, Mars is the most important planet. Its role is almost 60% followed by 30% for Venus and 10% for Mercury. For a medium level restaurant, role of Mars is 45%, followed by 30% for Venus, and 25% for Mercury. For high end restaurants (including those at 5 stars), its 40% Venus, 30% Mars and 30% Mercury. Management Astrology takes in to account the above combination while designing, analyzing or modifying the strategy for this type of Business. Mars is linked with cooking part; Venus is linked with location, interiors and Branding; and Mercury is associated with pricing, financing, advertising and to an extent Branding. Choice of product mix is also governed by Mercury, but it has to satisfy the conditions of Venus and Mars. While recommending this Business to a person, Management Astrologer should consider the personal horoscope of the decision maker, his financial capacity, the location as well as the target segment. It is hard to find a perfect combination for all the three planets, and Management Astrologer should make suitable adjustments to compensate for weakness of any of the three planets.

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