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Chanakya's Can't Go Wrong Strategy

Pleased to Introduce Can't Go Wrong Strategy, our next in Chanakyaneeti series (Options). As the name suggests, this strategy is designed to take care of both Bullish/ Bearish Markets, and both Low Volatility and high Volatility situations. Money can be made in downward direction, upward direction as well as even if the market doesn't move. Market will always remain dynamic and will keep reacting to downward or upward cues. This strategy gives the trader confidence to face all kinds of situations. Spirit of the strategy remains the same but tactics can change depending upon situations. This strategy is available to our HNI followers under our strict supervision. Gains will depend upon the movement of the market and can be unlimited. Since it is a highly hedged strategy, losses are limited. Even if the market doesn't move a inch, gains can be around 36 to 50% in a year. This is a perfect strategy for uncertain times. 

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