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Bull in Stock Market

Saturn’s Position is the most crucial when we analyze the Management Astrology chart of a Bull in Stock Market. A Bull by definition is a natural optimist who knows only one direction, i.e. upward direction in Stock Market. Bulls in Stock Market usually have Saturn as a benific planet in their chart. If Saturn doesn’t get support of Mercury in the chart, then such a person should operate only in cash Market, and shouldn’t try his luck in derivatives. If Mercury is also favourable in the chart, then such a Bull can make fortunes for himself in Derivatives Market. Otherwise, he should seek the help of experts if he can’t avoid trading in Derivatives. During difficult periods of Saturn, for instance Sade Saati, Bulls should adopt the approach of cautious optimism. Hedging positions with the help of Options helps in such situations. Natural Bulls always have a long term approach, building their portfolios slowly, which is in agreement with the nature of Saturn.

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