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April Performance of Chanakya's Reverse Gear Strategy

There was a nominal loss of around Rs 2000/lot (after presumptive Brokerage and Taxes) in April Series. If you are a passive trader, no need to worry. As would be clear from the Calculation sheet we sent to you for previous 3 years, this strategy makes nominal losses whenever expiry takes place around the starting point. This strategy makes good gains when market makes a big move. There was a very nominal loss (Rs 637.5 before Brokerage) on yesterday's closing. However today, market moved towards the starting point. Can one make a better use of this strategy to make regular gains? Answer is Yes. One can use this strategy in combination with neutral strategies which make gains when starting and expiry points are almost the same. However, when to enter these neutral strategies, in what proportion, and at what cost? We cover these aspects in our regular course on options. 

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