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161.2% on Friday the 13th

Pleased to announce Chanakya’s Give or Take Strategy for Wealth and Prosperity (Options Segment) on Friday the 13th (Considered Unlucky Worldwide). Net Annualized Returns 161.2%. Yes you Read it Right. Net Annualized returns of 161.2%, more than 3 times our previous strategy.  Like our other strategies, this is also a Standardized strategy, and works in both rising and falling markets. .  Unique feature of this strategy is that it may work even if the market doesn’t move. Launching it at present only for our HNI Clients.  Deliberately launching this on Friday the 13th which is considered unlucky. I am a firm believer that if your product is strong, it is going to do well irrespective of Good or Bad Mahurat. Years ago, my first trade in Stock Market was during Shraadh period which is considered inauspicious.  Among my various professional roles, the one in Stock Market has been most profitable and satisfying. The message I want to put across is that we should draw a clear line between Religion and superstition.  If you work hard and design a strong product, God is with you and any time is good time to launch your product. Keep visiting our blog

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