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Blog posts September 2017

Strategy for Bulls

Market around all time high. Still want to go Long? Choose from any of our Zero Downside strategies depending on your margin availability. Upside can make you decent gains and downside risk will be ZERO. 

Strategy for Bears

Market near all time high and IPO's lined up. Bears may be itching to go short. If you have to go short, buy October 10000 puts , and build on them (shift to 10100/10200 if market keeps on spiralling). At low vix, risk reward may not favour shorting calls. Don't short futures in a liquidity driven m…

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A note for Calendar Spreads Sept/October

Those taking Calendar spreads for Sept/ October should keep in mind that October series is of only 28 calendar days, one of the shortest possible series. Thus, this should be accounted for while calculating the net valuations. 

No Short Strangles

Its a directionless. Low Volatility, range bound market for the last few weeks. Traders are often enticed in to trading with Short Strangles in such a market. However, its a wrong strategy since market may break up or down from this range soon, there are looming Geo Political Risks thus you can't sh…

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