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Comfort in Discomfort

Longer you feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations, better becomes your performance in Stock Market

Fresh Jitters?

Excellent Short Covering rally today. EU imposes anti-dumping duty on Chinese/Russian Steel. Will this not further weaken China, and hence cause fresh Jitters in the World Markets? Does that mean that Steel/ Banks rally today is likely to fizzle out in the next few days?

We were absolutely right

We posted on Friday/Monday about Selling in Axis Bank/Tata Motors. Both the Stocks have crashed today.

Reversal as Predicted

As we predicted on Friday, ICICI Bank showed reversal today. Tata Steel and Axis Bank should follow soon.

Reverse on Monday

In pure Astrological terms, today will be the day when weaker stocks will have a rally. Reverse expected on Monday (ICICI Bank/Axis Bank/ Tata Steel)

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