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Budget Strategy

Carry yesterday's positions till we get a further direction on Monday

Astro Strategy-Budget

Buy 100 Qty Nifty 8700 Call March @CMP 226, and Sell 200  QTY Nifty 9100 Call April@ CMP 124.5. Total money in is Rs 2300. One set for a Capital of Rs 1 Lakh. Carry it Overnight. Time 11.10 am

Railway Budget

Well thought Railway Budget. No Populism,Focused approach. It can be concluded from this Budget that General Budget on 28th should be good for Stock Market. So, keep invested in Stock Market. Acchey Din will continue and Nifty will scale new highs. Don't be afraid of temporary profit Booking.

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Good Profits

1.22% Profit in 2 days

Nifty-Book Profits

Book Profits. Sell 2 Lots of 8400 (March) Put@CMP 123.6, and Buy 6 Lots of 8300 Put (Feb) @CMP 24.15. Total Money in is Rs 2550. Yesterday, Rs 720 was out. Thus, Rs 1830 is the Profit in two days. 

Astro Strategy-Nifty

Buy 2 Lots Nifty 8400 Put (March)@CMP Rs 156, and Sell 6 Lots of 8300 Put (Feb) @CMP 47.2. Total money out is Rs 720. One Combination for Capital of Rs 1.5 lacs. Margin used should be around Rs 70000. Time 2 pm

TATA Motors-Book Profits

Buy (Cover) 4 Lots of 600 calls @CMP 4.9. Time 10.42 am. Total money out is Rs 9800. Previously, total money in was  Rs 12300. Thus a Profit of Rs 2500 on a capital of Rs 1.25 lacs, or a Profit of 2% in 19 calender days. 

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